From Day One, Opptly’s goal has been to match the right people with the right work. Armed with massive amounts of data, we designed our AI to ensure the matches we provide aren’t just highly accurate, they’re meaningful. It’s that combination of data and people-oriented intent that makes Opptly truly unique in our ability to dream big and create real-world, impactful solutions that foster important, positive change in today’s working world.


Our Platform Evolution

Because we built our AI technology, we have complete control over its evolution, which enables us to continually innovate and scale our platform. Compared to companies that rely on vendor technology, Opptly can be more flexible, more agile, more creative in adding value for our clients and partners, as well as job seekers.


Beyond Direct Sourcing

For Opptly, the future of direct sourcing isn’t simply doing it better than everyone else. We believe in taking the industry in transformative new directions, enhancing our AI and applying the data to continually add new value.

Already, Opptly’s predictive analysis capabilities allow us to extrapolate candidates’ career growth over time. This keeps talent communities relevant beyond a single hiring event and maximizes our client’s investment in their talent database. It also allows us to support the growth of job seekers, presenting new opportunities that match their presumed work trajectory as well as ideas to reinvent themselves in related careers.

And we won’t stop there. We’ve begun mapping out new directions that will make Opptly a continual resource for hiring companies and job seekers that each party returns to again and again throughout the work lifecycle.

Innovation driven by deep domain expertise.

Experience & Commitment

Opptly was built by some of the sharpest minds in the workforce solutions space. With expertise from all facets of the industry, our team brought a thorough understanding of the pitfalls and pain points throughout the hiring experience. This is what led us to create our sophisticated, tech-based platform, purposefully designed to tackle those challenges head-on.