How Opptly Is Reimagining AI In Talent Acquisition

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In the greater world of talent and work, there is a convergence at hand. The growing focus on skills-based hiring is merging with business-led utilization of artificial intelligence to present a refreshing means of talent engagement and talent acquisition that promises to cut through the ever-raging “war for talent” that has been encompassing the corporate arena for years.

Ardent Partners and Future of Work Exchange research has found that nearly 75% of enterprises currently struggle with finding the best-aligned skillsets for open positions, an alarming statistic that proves that businesses will continue to grapple with a volatile labor market. The application of AI within the business stratosphere (especially over the past 18 months) has served as a veritable catalyst for recruiters, hiring managers, HR, and talent acquisition leaders to thrive in this environment.

Amidst the sweeping changes of the Future of Work movement, it’s evident that talent curation needs a profound shift. Traditional approaches no longer suffice in a world where versatility and adaptability reign supreme. As automation, innovation, and next-generation technology redefine talent acquisition, the “art” of talent curation has been reimagined; this transformation in talent curation is vital to foster a dynamic workforce capable of thriving in the ever-evolving workplace of the future.

Opptly, a proprietary AI platform company providing direct sourcing solutions as well as custom AI models and applications for both the contingent and full-time workforce to enhance talent-matching, and next-generation talent acquisition, recently announced the launch of its “Opptly.Curate” application, which promises to reshape how artificial intelligence and talent curation intersect.

“Opptly.Curate was designed and developed to further our mission to remove friction between talent and work by putting the power of our AI directly in the hands of the curator,” said Lori Hock, CEO of Opptly. “With Opptly.Curate, we have achieved our goal to deliver an intuitive user experience for curators to accelerate the most accurate talent matches.”

Opptly.Curate’s purpose-built and agile curator interface facilitates advanced interactions with the platform’s robust AI capabilities, providing curators with a streamlined, efficient solution for aligning talent with work opportunities.

The platform aids recruiters and other talent leaders with enhanced efficiency and precision, ensuring that every connection made between job seekers and job recommendations possibilities is not just seamless, but optimized for success based on numerous factors, from which curators can leverage into decision-making, most critically, the alignment between skills and expertise. Opptly.Curate’s commitment to facilitating such precise and efficient matches is a testament to its dedication in revolutionizing the talent curation landscape with its robust, skills-centered AI functionality.

Opptly.Curate offers supercharged functionality that enables the use of a success profile to interpret the contextual nature of the use of skills required, talent matching, search and refine capabilities and more.  Users can tailor job descriptions and search requirements, achieving direct and immediate results, enhancing the overall talent acquisition process. In a skills-based business environment, Opptly.Curate presents an idyllic platform that represents the future of hiring. With artificial intelligence as an agile backdrop, the solution enables enterprises with the ability to transform talent acquisition; the offering’s progressive, “skills DNA” analytical capabilities allow business leaders to configure next-level talent matches based on hundreds of variables.

Skills-based hiring has become a cornerstone of the Future of Work movement, along with the digital transformation inherent within the talent acquisition arena. Opptly’s commitment to the art of talent curation, along with a powerful array of AI-fueled functionality, represents a synergy of skills-based hiring, next-generation talent engagement, and Future of Work-era strategies.

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