Key Providers For 2022: Opptly

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The Background:

Omni-channel talent acquisition has become a powerful way for enterprises to thrive in today’s evolving world of work. Businesses have realized, especially with a Great Resignation-fueled backdrop, that top-tier talent is not always available in a localized fashion or even through the traditional outlets that have carried the organization’s staffing requirements for years (or decades).

Talent communities, talent marketplaces, and talent pools, in addition to direct sourcing, have become critical elements of the new world of work and talent. Not only do businesses require the ability to directly-source talent by transforming their operations into internal recruiting agencies, but they also need to leverage its workplace culture, employer brand, and other organizational attributes to attract the best-fit talent and expertise. And, they require a true convergence of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, next-level direct sourcing technology, and robust data science to get there.

Enter Opptly.

Why They Were Selected:

Talent decisions in 2022 are more important than they ever were before, as businesses continue to rely on their workforce as a key competitive differentiator in an increasingly-shifting and globalized corporate arena. Thus, it has become critical that enterprise hiring be founded on deep data and true talent intelligence in order to execute talent acquisition strategies that blend speed, quality, and alignment.

Opptly has become one of the industry’s leading direct sourcing and talent solutions due to its proprietary artificial intelligence-led offerings that catalyze next-generation hiring outcomes through its powerful AI-fueled fueled functionality, a frictionless user experience, and a candidate-centric nexus. With its foundation as a digital staffing solution (dating back to its days as Genesys Talent), Opptly’s wide range of differentiated direct sourcing offerings, particularly its unique blend of talent community development tech and its own expansive talent network, has enabled the company to become a Best-in-Class platform in the workforce solutions market.

In Their Own Words:

Opptly has modernized the way hiring companies and job seekers connect. When the workforce industry needed a solution that could accelerate and improve the talent acquisition process, Opptly built one. Our proprietary AI platform leverages best-in-class data science, skills focus, search and match, AI/machine learning, and neural network models to provide a direct sourcing solution that removes friction between talent and work and makes optimal hiring matches.

Opptly helps companies win in an intensely competitive market for talent by offering the broadest reach and seamless user experience along with advanced search capabilities. Going beyond simple semantics, our AI uses skills-based and success profile matching while filtering for workstyles such as contingent, permanent, remote, or in-office work. Together with our curation partners, we deliver optimally-matched talent within an AI platform that enriches the hiring experience.

With Opptly, clients can enhance and grow their private talent communities or engage Opptly’s talent communities for immediate access to millions of candidates. Clients that want to achieve the widest possible reach choose to access both. For today’s job seekers, there’s Opptly.Connect™, an intuitive app that delivers targeted work opportunities, all within a user experience that matches today’s direct-connect technologies.

Opptly was built by some of the sharpest minds in workforce solutions. Seeded by our ever-expanding talent communities, our proprietary AI enables innovative use cases, including career progression and data enrichment, military predictor and other specialty skills models, supply and demand analytics, and targeted sourcing initiatives. Visit

The Outlook:

Opptly represents the future of talent acquisition and recruitment technology. The company’s commitment to dynamic candidate data and intelligence is an indicator that Opptly’s next-generation technology will be incredibly crucial to businesses as they continue to traverse a volatile labor market and uncertain economic conditions. With seamless integrations into existing hiring strategies and technology, Opptly has the potential to permeate true total talent management into the spectrum of workforce initiatives.

The Opptly platform has been designed to represent the Future of Work movement; its leading-edge AI and candidate intelligence functionality position the solution to drive dynamic value to a market that requires real-time data, total talent acquisition capabilities, and a harmonious user experience to transform the way talent is engaged and hired.

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