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Scalability, Sustainability, And Direct Sourcing

This month, Ardent Partners and the Future of Work Exchange will publish its landmark Direct Sourcing 2023: Scalable Processes, Sustainable Talent research study. Today’s article is a sneak peek of the report, which is sponsored by Opptly and WorkLLama.

The phrase “sustainability” typically elicits thoughts of an enterprise operating in a manner that positively affects the environment, general community, or society. In the workforce arena, however, sustainability translates into the ability for businesses to sustain their own ecosystem of talent through the agile utilization of dynamic talent sources and channels. Direct sourcing and its many inner workings fit firmly into this concept of talent sustainability.

By utilizing direct sourcing methods and technology (and, subsequently, executing consistent maintenance of internal talent communities/pools), businesses are able to build a more seamless bridge to talent sustainability. By leveraging workforce solutions (such as extended workforce technology, VMS, etc.), direct sourcing channels, and both private and public talent communities, etc., self-sustaining outlets of talent allow enterprises to

  • Better align evolving skills requirements across the enterprise given product development and the progression of the greater organization.
  • Enhance the ways existing expertise and skillsets across the enterprise can be leveraged for real-time utilization, and;
  • Allow hiring managers and other HR/staffing executives to leverage nurture and candidate experience strategies to ensure that all networked workers are amiable and open to re-engagement for new and/or continued projects and initiatives.

With the frequent occurrences of major skills gaps or a lack of high-impact expertise, the notion of talent sustainability can assist organizations in generating self-sustaining ecosystems of candidates who can be leveraged in an agile and on-demand manner to meet the evolving needs of global business.

Scalability is often a goal for many modern enterprise functions, as businesses that can scale processes and strategies reap much value. In the world of talent acquisition and human capital management, scalability takes on new meaning… considering that a worldwide health crisis launched many organizations into the new and uncharted territory of aligning workforce depth with fast-shifting market dynamics.

Regarding direct sourcing, scalability translates into two distinct ideas:

  • Amplifying and enhancing direct sourcing processes via harmonious internal synergies and end-to-end automation so the strategy can be applied to hiring initiatives across the greater organization
  • Harnessing the undeniable value of direct sourcing to effectively scale the workforce as internal and external factors dictate
  • When properly implemented and utilized, direct sourcing has an impact on both FTE and non-employee hiring, meaning that businesses can leverage talent communities and talent pools, as well as deep talent nurture capabilities, to quickly scale their workforce as they see fit.

The Direct Sourcing 2023: Scalable Processes, Sustainable Talent market research study publishes later this month.

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