The Rising Tide Of AI In Talent Acquisition (On-Demand Webinar)

Ardent Partners research points to artificial intelligence (AI) as a key outlet of innovation in the evolving world of work and talent. From automating mundane tasks and reformulating tactical operations to serving as a proactive source of predictive analysis, AI has become a ubiquitous attribute of the Future of Work movement.

Artificial intelligence has catalyzed a new era of bespoke, on-demand, and industry-shifting technology that has the potential to benefit candidates, recruiters, hiring managers business professionals, and executive leaders. Simply put: the advent of AI can drive value to a wide spectrum of enterprise stakeholders.

As new strategies, such as skills-based hiring and omni-channel talent acquisition, become transformational ways to revamp hiring initiatives, artificial intelligence is a conduit to disrupting and changing the ways enterprises evaluate and source talent.

Opptly, Ardent Partners, and the Future of Work Exchange teamed up for an exclusive webcast that highlighted the many roles of AI in a candidate-centric workforce market that prioritizes the depth and impact of talent. Ardent’s SVP of Research, Christopher J. Dwyer, joined Opptly’s Lori Hock, CEO, and Rebecca Valladares, Head of Operations, to discuss:

  • How AI can be leveraged to drive efficiency, accuracy, speed, and deeper, data-driven decision-making.
  • Why AI will become the de-facto tool for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals.
  • How AI can revolutionize new strategies such as skills-based hiring and predictive analytics.
  • The future of AI-led tools (such as ChatGPT) and their responsible use as they become more entwined with everyday business processes.
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